CP3 And Family Roll to Game 1 Victory

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LOS ANGELES — There’s so much Cliff Paul out here, from the debut of another national State Farm commercial shown on the video board before Saturday’s game, to the jumbo Cliff Paul head cut-outs the fans behind the basket waved every time a Grizzlies player stepped to the free throw line, to Cliff’s glasses and mustache that are routinely passed out at Staples Center.

There’s so much Cliff Paul you forget which twin these red-clan fans love more, Cliff the assisting insurance agent or his twin brother Chris, the best point guard in the NBA. Or that Chris Paul actually has a real brother, C.J., who’s a little more than two years Chris’ elder, who moved to Encino with his wife, Desiree, when Paul got traded, and sits baseline at darn near every game.

“I don’t think they want Cliff to play. At least I hope they don’t,” C.J…

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